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Kina & Tako

Julie and Randy

We have been pet sitting clients of Pet Pleasers since 1994.  Yes, that is correct… for 23 years!  Throughout that time Monica has provided exemplary care services for our cats when we are away from home traveling for work or for vacations.  We absolutely and positively trust her with the keys to our house and the care of our “furry children” when we are away.  Monica knows the personalities and idiosyncrasies of our cats as well as we do.  If one of them seems “out of sorts” during her daily visit, Monica gives us an update via phone or email (depending on the issue).  Through the 23 years, Monica has helped us with six different cats, from the rescue/adoption of young kittens through their care as they age and move through life.  We have been fortunate in that all of our kids have long and full lives, living to ages of 14 to 18 years.  We currently have two elder cats (13 and 15 years old), and over the years Monica has proven to be expert in administering the care frequently required to assure quality of life for cats of this age.  Through the years we’ve dealt with borderline kidney functionality issues, numerous gastro-intestinal challenges, hyper-thyroidism, and most recently, diabetes.  Handling the challenges of administering multiple medications, for multiple conditions, across multiple cats is something at which Monica excels.  We are so glad we have her as part of our extended “family”.


The Halls

February 15, 2017

To All Pet Lovers:

My husband and I have two Bengal Cats and they are extremely special and also very active and needy.
When we acquired them, we realized that we could not leave them alone for any get a ways and pursued a neighbor’s referral to Monica at Petpleasers.

She came highly recommended from years past, licensed and bonded. Also could medicate, trim, and groom feisty cats like ours.

We weren’t sold until we experienced the joy and peace upon arrival to our home and satisfied cats. They actually acted like “what are you doing here, where is Monica?”

Monica has been part of our family for more than 10 years and we cannot say enough about the professionalism, experience, and general nurturing that our demanding cats need.

We continue to engage Monica’s services to this day and highly suggest that you do also. You will never be disappointed, and neither will your cats.

There is something special about getting away, and not worrying about your loved pets.
Please feel free to contact us for any questions you might have.

The Halls


Greg and Donna

February 17, 2017
Pet Pleasers Pet Sitting Services

PEACE OF MIND – that’s what we have whenever we are away from home. We are always confident that our fur baby, cold-blooded critters, and our house are well taken care of by Pet Pleasers Pet Sitting Services. We have used the services of Monica Rode and her team for the last 12 years. They are very trustworthy, professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. At our house, not only do they feed and care for our pets but also bring in our newspapers and mail, take out and bring in out trash cans, and fill our pond if the water gets low. Pet Pleasers Pet Sitting Services makes being away from home worry-free and that’s priceless.

Greg and Donna

Cooper & Petey

Barbara and Jerry

If you are considering a new relationship with a pet sitting service, please consider Monica Rode of Pet Pleasers. You need look no further for a quality, caring, and responsible individual who also has technical skills and training.

We have known Monica since 1997 when we first moved to Corona del Mar and our pet sitter was suddenly unable to fulfill an assignment with us the day before we were to leave on a twelve-day trip….and it was over the Christmas holidays when most services are booked. Monica came highly recommended to us (through our veterinarians office) and even though she was booked to capacity for that time period she agreed to come by and assess our situation. From the moment we met, I knew she was someone who could be trusted not only with our property but
with our aging beloved pet. We travel quite a bit, and over the years we have developed complete trust…we trust her judgment completely in matters concerning our pets, as well as our household.

We think the world of Monica and know you will, too.

Barbara and Jerry

Mattie and Emmie

Carol and Jim

Pet Pleasers has been taking care of our cats since the 1980s. During our first meeting with Monica we knew we had made the right choice for a pet sitter. After a few preliminary introductions, she sat on the floor next to our cats to get to know them. She asked us about their habits, likes and dislikes, favorite toys, feeding times and idiosyncrasies. Before she left she made sure she had our telephone numbers, as well as that of our veterinarian. When we added some gold fish to our family, she always made sure they were fed and in good health. She didn’t even question that our Beta fish had to be hand fed. When we got some new kittens, she came to the house to meet them and to update and review our information. We have been confident all these years that Monica takes excellent care of our pets. She is reliable and trustworthy. And our cats seem to thrive under her care. We highly recommend Pet Pleasers.

Carol and Jim


Penny & Mitchell

Monica Rode of Pet Pleasers, has been our pet sitter for more than 25 years.

Monica takes care of our cats, our home and plants as if they were her own.  She is always available when we have needed her, more than once on very short notice.  For those who are looking for someone responsible and caring to watch their pets while traveling my husband and I both whole heartedly recommend Pet Pleasers as our go to pet sitting service.

Penny & Mitchell
Costa Mesa, CA



Back in 2000, tired of imposing on neighbors or friends to come look after my cats when I was out of town, I started looking into professional pet sitters and was fortunate to come across Pet Pleasers right away.  Monica came to my home to meet my cats and explain her services.  The rest is history….

When I come home from a trip, everything is clean (litter box, dishes), mail is neatly collected, a note with comments is left, and most importantly, the cats are happy and not at all stressed.  I trust Monica and her team implicitly with both the care of my pets and my home.  I know she truly loves the animals and treats them as if they were her own.  I highly recommend Pet Pleasers!

Tiko and Nika


Thanks again for taking such good care of Tiko and Nika. Oftentimes, parrots will “punish” their owners after they return from travels. Nika is one such parrot. She usually tries to bite me for 2 or 3 days after my return. Not so this time. I don’t think she even missed me. I’m not sure how you did it, but you truly are a “pet pleaser.”

Kindest regards,


We had a great time, especially since I didn’t have to worry about the kitties- knowing they were well taken care of.
April - Huntington Beach
Thanks for being our pet sitter – Kiku is always so happy when we’ve returned from a trip! It sure makes traveling easier!
M&M&K - Huntington Beach
Thank you for making my 1st experience with a pet sitter easy & worry free. My babies weren’t traumatized or angry with me when I got back.
Cheri - Huntington Beach
Thanks so much! I could not imagine leaving these two precious cats with anyone but you!
Marcia & Ed - Newport Beach
Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did with Ferrari and Chloe! It was a pleasure to not have to worry about ‘our babies’ while we were gone & come home to ‘happy campers’ too!
Sheryl - Costa Mesa
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the extra effort you made for Moet and for us– thank you just isn’t enough.
We cannot, (and will not even try) to express how, very, very, very much we appreciate you! You are irreplaceable.
Just a little something to thank you for all of the wonderful care you give my cats. I think they like you better!

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