Tender Loving Care Given in Your Home for All Types of Pets

Pet Pleasers Provides:

Pet Sitting
Cat Sitting
Dog Sitting
Bird Sitting
Pet Medication Administration
Complimentary Interview Appointment

Additional Services:

Holiday Visits
Light Watering
Home Lighting Changes
Mail & Newspaper Pick Up
Litter Box Scooping
Back Yard Pick Up

Bonded, Licensed and Insured

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Why is Home Pet Sitting a Better Alternative for Your Pets?

Low Pet Stress

Pets continue their familiar routine in familiar surroundings. Your pet knows the smells and sights of their homes and their favorite places. You decided what your pet will be fed and when. Your pets receive proper exercise and diet as you direct.

Peace of Mind

Your pets receive professional pet care from a loving pet sitter. T.L.C. is a priority with the pet sitter. The pet sitter will check your pet for any signs of illness or injury and take necessary action. Exposure of your pets to other strange or sick animals is no longer a concern.

No Imposition on Family or Friends

No more asking, begging, or feeling guilty about imposing on friends, neighbors, or relatives. No gifts to bring back. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that you have a responsible and accountable professional pet care person doing the job the way you want it done.

No Pick Up or Delivery

No need to transport your pet in bulky carriers or awkward cages. Pets are home when you return, even on Sundays and holidays.

Competent Service

A pet sitter is someone you get to know and trust. They are responsible and accountable to you. They can avert nagging worries such as checking if you left the iron plugged in. They can bring in the mail and newspaper, check home security, open and close blinds and drapes, turn lights on and off, mail a letter, water the plants, and a host of other personal needs.

Competitive Rates

The best of all pet care possibilities brought to your home at rates that are comparable to kennel rates.

We had a great time, especially since I didn’t have to worry about the kitties- knowing they were well taken care of.
April - Huntington Beach
Thanks for being our pet sitter – Kiku is always so happy when we’ve returned from a trip! It sure makes traveling easier!
M&M&K - Huntington Beach
Thank you for making my 1st experience with a pet sitter easy & worry free. My babies weren’t traumatized or angry with me when I got back.
Cheri - Huntington Beach
Thanks so much! I could not imagine leaving these two precious cats with anyone but you!
Marcia & Ed - Newport Beach
Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did with Ferrari and Chloe! It was a pleasure to not have to worry about ‘our babies’ while we were gone & come home to ‘happy campers’ too!
Sheryl - Costa Mesa
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the extra effort you made for Moet and for us– thank you just isn’t enough.
We cannot, (and will not even try) to express how, very, very, very much we appreciate you! You are irreplaceable.
Just a little something to thank you for all of the wonderful care you give my cats. I think they like you better!

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(Sitters are available between 7:00 AM & 6:00 PM Daily.)